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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It has been 23 years of life turning events, one hell of a rollercoaster ride. Coming to this point of my life really makes me think how I’ve been for the past years of my existence. Have I really gotten what I am dying to have? Or have I been successful with all the comings and goings in my life? Have I really fell in love? And one thing was there really someone out there who have loved me or who will love me, and be all that crazy about me? Oh, when I say someone who loved or who will love me, I mean not maternal, paternal, brotherly or sisterly love, and not to mention love coming from friends or I may say love of God. I know I get all of that, I’m pretty sure!

I don’t want to sound too egotistic but please spare me for I know that I am longing for full attention. Well, who doesn’t want the idea of having someone going gaga over you? Admit it; everybody dreams to be loved the way they planned it to be.

I am a hundred percent hopeless romantic. I always dreamt of having someone who will sing love songs for me. Someone who will prepare my morning coffee and sunny side up egg. Someone who will give me umbrella when the rain pours. Someone who will tirelessly fetch me from the office every single day. Someone who will give me advil whenever my head aches. Someone who’s going to understand me when everybody don’t. Someone who’s gonna cry when I am not around. Someone who will miss me even if I’m just right beside him. And most specially, someone who will make love with me and will always make love with me even if our hair’s already gray.

I know it is really hard to find that someone but something in me tells me that he is just around. I also figure that finding that someone is very much in reality. I’m not being idealistic, so don’t laugh at me, recount from my past proved me that there is really someone, I know because I have been that someone before in somebody else’s life. Believe me!

Now I’m thinking, if companies appoint their best employees from advertising in classified ads should I do the same for me to find that someone? I’ve seen people doing it in movies! And don’t get me wrong because real people also do it in actuality. In chat rooms, in blog sphere, on TV, text messages, even the simple calligraphy on public toilets or maybe at the back of a bus seat. But since I am hopeless romantic let’s do it old school and be conventional, why not post an advertisement on a national paper, so everybody gets to read it. Better yet on a Sunday paper.
What an idea!!!??? Should I look for him or should I wait for the right time to come. I’m sounding desperate to be in love again, I know right?

9 Criticism:

lee said...

i say while waiting for that special someone, transform yourself to be somebody's special someone :)

posting an ad is a great idea though =D

Francis said...

Thanks for dropping a comment in my blog.


Darc Diarist said...

i'll get the pdi rates. sunday seems best. hehe


@lee; yep, im doing all preparations na nga. to get ready and be that somebody! thanks for reading my blog! hope to see more comments from you!

@Francis; no problem! hope to read more of you!

@Darc; yeah let me know. hehehe, if you'll have more time get manila bulletin's rate as well! hehehe

engel said...

if you're in the US, id say it could work, but here... i'm highly doubtful.

i guess we'll all just have to be patient. the one'll eventually come along.


@engel; siguro nga ganun na lang... hehehehe

dabo said...

maybe being a hopeless romantic is not the mindset you need to find what you are looking for..


@dabo; hmmm eh ganun na ako talaga.. ayoko naman baguhin ung kung ano ako eh.. heheheh thanks for reading me!

Mac Callister said...

ako available!LOL