Curtain Call (Goodbye to being WORKMATES. We'll continue to be FRIENDS!)

Friday, January 15, 2010

This is the FAREWELL LETTER I've sent to my colleagues in ePLDT Ventus (Libertad-OB). Another letter followed few days after I've sent this one. That time it was my formal resignation addressed to my manager. September 1st, I'm officially no longer, and in any forms, connected to the company aside from the friends I've left.
August 22, 2009


My two years of stay in the company have been a very fruitful experience for me. This is where I learned the basics of working professionally with people dedicated to the growth of their own selves and the organization as well. It was indeed joyous to see how I've grown up from the time that I was still vying for a seat in the organization to the point that I am already writing this letter. Taking sales calls will never be easy without the help of people like you. You've taught me things that I cannot only apply on my calls but to my personal life.

They say that nothing is permanent in this world but change. And I guess this is the best time for that big change to happen. I know this will be for the better. I may sound selfish, for it is me who's thinking that this will be my chance to escape from the usual me who have been for the past two years. It is not you whom I consider with this decision I'm about to make, everything is about me. I don't know how to explain this but the truth is it is time for my curtain call. I'll be bidding goodbye to my spectators and will say hello to the new show.

I'll forever remember the days when we had laughs, stress, the shouting, fun, soaring high sales goals, the zeros, the gossiping, your reprimands, you being a coach and brother /sister at the same time, cigars, beer towers, and whole lot of criticisms we both manage to swallow and throw up back to their faces. I may not be the perfect agent, employee or friend but I know I have shared some wonderful moments we will both consider as an added learning to what we both have before we knew each other.

I will surely miss everything! So long!

Bee Happy,

5 Criticism:

orville said...

ganyan talaga sometimes we need to say goodbye for a greener pasture.. daming reason kung bakit tayo umaalis sa work natin pero kung saan tayo masaya doon tayo.. pabisita po//

Marco Jullio said...

@orville; mahirap nga lang talaga magpaalam. hmmm salamat po sa pagbisita!

orville said...

no prob marco.. thanks din sa pagbisita sa blog ko...

Pau said...

I hate goodbyes. :(

Tart_Tanilya said...

OMG! Of all the piece that I should read about your blog, this was the one caught my attention. The reason, coz am also leaving my so loved company next month.